We systematically invest in the continuous upgrading of our infrastructure, the modernization and expansion of our technological and mechanical equipment, having developed a fully integrated production unit with a broad outlook and a harmonized co-existence of human-robotic mechanisms. The business operations have been studied according to modern Lean Management systems.


Workshop equipped with CNCmachines, Electric discharge Machine (EDM)and wire cutting machine.

Production of thermoplastic components

Production of thermoplastic components with injection molding machinesof capacity between 60-700 tons.

Production of metal parts

Production of metal parts through automated transfer production lines and pioneering robotic technology machinery for faster production process.

Electrostatic paint

Electrostatic paint with nanotechnology system to process the substrate about to be coated


Assembly consisted out of 4 production lines capable of handling parts sensitive to electrostatic loads (ESD protected line

Closed storage space of 1045m2